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Mister Skellybones

A humorous new musical for Key Stage 1, based on the wonders of the human body and hosted by Mister Skellybones, Captain Heart, Doctor Brain and friends.

Product Code: ISBN 0-7119-7921-9
Publisher: Chester Music Ltd.
Author: Wootton, D. and Hedger, A.
Panto Pandemonium

Audience participation is the order of the day with this hilarious school panto that will make your Christmas performance a real treat! Twelve songs, lots of characters, and plenty of booing, hissing and 'behind you!' ensure that this will be one school production that is a guaranteed hit.

Four children take us on an adventure through the various panto stories, recovering three magic objects in order to defeat the Wicked Witch. The songs range from comedy to ballad, with a dramatic number especially for the villains! The CD provides full vocal demonstrations as well as all the backing tracks you'll need with clear melody cues for a professional-quality performance on the night.

Product Code: ISBN 0-95-442746-7
Publisher: Starshine Music Ltd.
Author: Parsley, R. and Kenward, R.

A contemporary musical

Product Code: ISBN 1-9289-1825-7
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Hershberg, S. and Temple, S.
Planet Breetheezy

A fun musical with a serious message for all young people about the disadvantages of smoking, to support anti-smoking topics. Planet Foulair is a horrible, smoky world where everyone is miserable. Will Yellowfingers, Smellbad, Stonybroke and Gasper realise that their predicament is of their own making? Why are the inhabitants of Planet Breetheezy so much happier? Embark on the journey to Planet Breetheezy!

Product Code: ISBN 0-7119-8887-0
Publisher: Chester Music Ltd.
Author: Fardell, P.

Nigel Hess. Based on The Pied Piper Of Hamelin by Robert Browning, Rats! is a new look at the story with memorable music and witty lyrics. The rats who plague Hamelin are punks and the Pied Piper has the charisma of a rock star! Ideal for both Middle and Secondary schools with a genuine showbiz feel which has guaranteed appeal for audiences of all ages. Eight parts plus chorus. The vocal score contains piano accompaniment with flute solo, drums ad lib and optional guitar. There are 15 modern songs including The Rat Race Rules, A Capital Fellow and Sing With The World.

Product Code: ISBN 0-7119-3514-9
Publisher: Chester Music Ltd.
Author: Hess, N. and Browne, J.
Christingle Rock

Bring the beauty and fun of Christingle into your school or church with this exciting new musical (or song collection/assembly resource). Five songs, in different styles, unwrap the meaning of this ancient tradition, and paint a picture of the real meaning of Christmas in an alernative way to the traditional nativity. Perfect for Key Stages 1 and 2.

Product Code: ISBN 1-9001-8530-X
Publisher: Readhead Music Co.
Author: Wilson, S.

The fun-filled story of Pinocchio, suitable for any time of the year. Contains nine new songs which children will find easy to learn and fun to sing. Also some pecussion with improvised storm music. Duration: 40 mins.

Script available in student book.

Product Code: ISBN 0-7119-5023-7
Publisher: Music Sales Ltd.
Author: Wainwright, S. and Hedger, A.
What's New at the Zoo?

Because we all have students with different musical abilities in each class, the songs in this collection progress in order to level of difficulty, giving everyone in the whole school the opportunity to join our "zoo parade"!

Product Code: ISBN 0-7579-9651-5
Publisher: Waner Bros Publications
Author: Donnelly, M. and Strid, G.L.
Interplanetary Jammin'

The stars, the planets, the moon, the sun - let's learn all about them through music! This collection for Grades 2-4 will travel through space in song teaching your students all about the solar system.

Product Code: HL44223073
Publisher: Jenson Publications
Author: Amorosia, D. and Weidemann, L.

Scrooge...A Ghost Of A Chance! is an exciting and original new Christmas Musical based on Dickens' great classic. This provides ample opportunities for a wide range of singing, instrumental solos, acting and dancing. Ideal for key stages 2 and 3. Play and lyrics by Colin Baker. Music by Shelia Wilson. This Music book contains the piano part, vocals and guitar chords. Also available the wordbook containing the play and the CD which provides the songs and backing tracks.

Product Code: ISBN 1900185202
Publisher: Readhed Music
Author: Wilson, S. and Barker, C.
Gentle Beasts

An odd bunch of comical characters play their important parts in this fun version of the Nativity. CD included

Product Code: ISMN M-9002091-6-0
Publisher: dc Music
Author: Campbell, D.
Forever Free

Helping kids say no to drugs and alcohol. This 30min long revue features 9 original Unison/2-Part songs arranged in bright, contemporary styles- rap, rock, blues, calypso, and everything in between! Easy-to-learn dialogue and simple staging options will make this an irresistible show for students, parents, and teachers.

Product Code: HL40326158
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Emerson, R.

Carey Blyton. Fun Victorian melodrama based on Bram Stoker’s book and subtitled ‘The Vampire Vanquished’. The score may be performed quite simply as written, or used as the basis for something more elaborate, involving scenery, costumes and props. Scored for narrator, unison voices and piano with guitar chords, the seven songs can be sung by everyone, or solo voices (characters) may be used in contrast with the chorus. Ample scope to make use of conventions of the music hall such as hissing the villain! Wind, Brass and Percussion parts on hire. 30 mins.

Product Code: NOV200197
Publisher: Novello Publishing
Author: Blyton, C.
Christmas Carol

A contemporary musical setting of the holiday classic by Charles Dickens.

  • Unison/2-Part
  • 45 Minute Musical Play
  • 8 Musical Numbers
  • Detailed Production Suggestions
  •  Accompaniment CD
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Higgins, J.
A Minibeast Christmas

This book represents a variety of imaginative repertoire for stage or concert performance, from Key stage 1 to 3. Some of the cantatas provide scope for creativity through the addition of movement, whilest others are fully contained 'mini-musicals' Written appropriately for the age-group by experienced educational composers, here are songs and shows to suit all abilities and ages. CD included

Product Code: ISBN 0-571-52194-0
Publisher: Faber Music
Author: Wedgwood, P. and Needle, D.
Les Misrables (updated)

Enduringly popular ever since its release in 1985, Les Miserables is the longest running musical in history. Boublil and Schonberg's music for this stage classic has entered the public psyche to the degree that few couldn't hum a melody or sing a line from the show.

This updated Piano/Vocal songbook continues the Les Miserables musical legacy, making the classic songs from the show available to a new generation of fans who would like to play and sing the songs for themselves. To this end, all the songs appear in their authentic keys and in addition to the songs from the original songbook, an extra song, Who Am I?, has been included.

Also features a 15 page colour introduction with pictures from the show, a history of the show and plot synopsis.

Product Code: ISBN 978-0-88188-577-4
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Boublil, A. and Schonberg, M.
Les Misrables

This songbook contains 16 songs selections from the movie adaptation of the musical, Les Misérables by Boublil and Schönberg: Many favourites are here, some in slightly different forms, two with new sections added for the movie, including a Gavroche section in “Look Down,” back from the 1980 original French show, and one brand new song, “Suddenly,” - written especially for Jean Valjean/Hugh Jackman, for the scene after he discovers the strength of his new fatherly feeling for little Cosette - which aims to capture Victor Hugo’s beautiful statements about how two unhappy souls can make one happy human being.

Presented in Piano/Vocal format, the songbook also features 16 pages of colour artwork from the film.

Product Code: ISBN 978-1-4803-0836-7
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Boublil, A. and Schonberg, M
A Special Gift

A christmas play with catchy music written especially for young children.

  • Songs in Western notation with easy guitar and piano chords
  • Solfa notations
  • Optional spoken verses in Sesotho, Xhosa and Zulu
  • An audio cassette
Product Code: ISBN 1-919721-96-X
Publisher: umSinsi Press
Author: Levin, C.
Bonnie and Clyde

The story of Bonnie and Clyde has now become a classic of American legend. The fast-moving, quick-firing scenes of the prohibition twenties lend themselves well to musical adaption, and this new musical script and score will be well within the capabilities of young players of vitality and sensitivity.

Product Code: ISBN 0-7119-2922-X
Publisher: Chester Music Ltd.
Author: Jones, A. R. and Bradley, L. A
Do You Believe in Father Christmas?

Why are Christmas shoppers rushing about when you can wait at home for Father Christmas to bring you presents? Or should that be Mother Christmas? Equal opportunities now, you know!

This lively and up-to-date seasonal musical will amuse primary school children and is great entertainment. Three easy-to-stage scenes: a bustling street, chaotic preperations for the Nativity play and the children's bedroom on Christmas Eve. Children of all ages can take part with chorus, speaking and solo singing roles. Also includes dance. Duration: 30 mins.

Includes words, music and backing tracks CD with all the music you will need for rehearsals and performance.

Product Code: ISBN 0-7119-5028-8
Publisher: Chester Music Ltd.
Author: Campbell, D. and Hedger, A.
Easter Children

Easter Children (Tell The Story) is a musical or songbook for children aged 5-12 ( key stages 1 and 2), although it can be sung by all ages. It is ideal for use in schools and churches. It's seven songs cover a variety of musical styles, and tells the biblical Easter story from great expectations to dashed hopes to wonderful celebrations.
The music book provides the piano, guitar and instrumental parts, plus all vocals. A cassette is available with the songs and backing tracks, and also a wordbook with the play and staging directions. Illustrated by Jackie Marks.

Product Code: ISBN-1 9001 8508 9
Publisher: Redhead Music Ltd.
Author: Wilson, S.
Mighty Minds

A Musical that makes learning fun.

Product Code: ISBN 1-4234-1561-2
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Jacobson, J. and Miller, C. C.
Star Search

A "light" musical for Unison and 2-Part Voices.

Publisher: Alfred Publishing
Author: Gardner, J.
The Little Angel

A highly successful journey in story and song through the enoyable things associated with a happy Christmas. Arriving at the Bethlehem Nativity scene, the Little Angel finds out what makes the night so special. This fun and effective Christmas celebration is easy to understand, and is suitable for children aged 4 to 7. Arranged for piano, voice and simple percussion, with Guitar chords given. Duration: 25-30 mins.

Script available in student book.

Product Code: ISBN 10870997-05-0
Publisher: Chester Music Ltd.
Author: Hoile, C. and Hedger, A.