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A Composer's Insight

Volume 1 - 2

Thoughts, Analysis and Commentary on Contemporary Masterpieces for Wind Band

Product Code: ISBN 1-57463-034-2
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Salzman, T.
The Weapons of Rhetoric

Using the works of the classical rhetoricians Cicero and Quintilian as a framework for the book, their ideas are traced through the Tudor classroom and popular Renaissance eloquence books into the late eighteenth century.  Concentrating on performance techniques that aid the communication of musical ideas to an audience, historical source material is unsed to demonstrate how to hold the attention of the listener and at the same time move and delight him, as in the classical oration.

Product Code: ISBN 0-95-282203-2
Publisher: Corda Music Publishers
Author: Tarling, J.
ABRSM The Form of Music

This book provides a clear introduction to the musical forms and structures that have been used by composers from the 17th century onward. Dealing first with the terms phrase and cadence, it extends from simple binary and ternary forms to cover all the principal classical forms - sonata from, varied types of sonata form, rondo form, the concerto, air with variations, and so forth - with analyses of key works.

Product Code: ISBN 1-86096-027-8
Publisher: ABRSM Publishers
Author: Cole, W.
A Concise Guide to Understanding Music

This book, intended for all who wish to understand more about music, looks at the basic elements of one of humanity's greatest means of artistic expression. Beginning with "the composer" (that mysterious presence who provides whatever music we listen to), we move to developments over the course of history and the amazing progress of music during the 20th century.

Product Code: ISBN 0-7866-4981-X
Publisher: MelBay Publishers
Author: Wade, G.
Basic Forms in Music

Throughout the history of music, composers have used certain fundamental, basic principles of organization and structure, which serve as a mold or framework for the presentation of the materials of music- rhythm, melody, and harmony. From this, basic forms have developed through the centuries. In this book, we focus on these forms, which are illustrated through representative literature, with a brief description and analysis for reference and study.

Product Code: ISBN 0-88284-025-8
Publisher: Alfred Publishers
Author: Walton, C. W.
Oxford Dictionary of Musical Works

This comprehensive, reliable, and handy Dictionary, based on the acclaimend Oxford Companion to Music, provides essential information on musical works- from Aida to Zadok the Priest.

Product Code: ISBN 0-19-861020-3
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Latham, A. (editor)
Crash Course DJ

Crash Course: DJ is the ultimate quick start guide to becoming a DJ. It's based on Point Blank's world-renowned weekend crash course, which has taught thousands of DJs, including Kiss FM's Robin Banks and more. This book is accompanied by a full-length audio demo CD.

Product Code: ISBN 1-84492-020-8
Publisher: SMT Publishers
Author: Frederikse, T. and Cowan, R.
The Self-Promoting Musician

This book will teach you how to take charge of your musical career with crucial do-it-yourself strategies. Filled with empowering resources and tips for self-managed musicians, including:

  • How to write a business plan, create press kits, sharpen your business chops
Product Code: ISBN 0-634-00644-4
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Spellman, P.
Twentieth-Century Harmony

Creative aspects and practice

This book provides for the first time an orderly presentation of the harmonic procedures to be found in the music of the first half of the twentieth century.

Product Code: ISBN 0-393-09539-8
Publisher: Conalk 5398
Author: Persichetti, V.
Professional Microphone Techniques

This book is the ultimate guide to microphone placement, applications and techniques by one of the authors of industry bestseller "Modern Recording Techniques".

Product Code: ISBN 0-872886-85-9
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Huber, D. M. and Williams, P.
My Groot Boek oor Musiek

Stel jou bekend aan die wereld se wonderlikste musiek en die skeppers daarvan met n CD van 'n hele uur van musikale hoogtepunte.

Product Code: ISBN 978-0-7993-4755-5
Publisher: Lapa Uitgewers
Author: Steyn, L. and Engelbrecht, T.
They're rarely too young...or too old to Twinkle

A must read volume if you're involved with Suzuki

In our fast-paced, computer-oriented world, how refreshing it is for those involved with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki's philosophies of education to reaffirm through the investment of time and love, that all children (from about age two) can be taught to play a musical instrument. In this book, Kay Collier Slone, a nationally renowned Suzuki teacher, explores and explains to parents and teachers how the Suzuki method helps to develop the total child. 

Product Code: 10096402
Publisher: Shar Publications
Author: Slone, K. C.
Moser on Music Copyright

In this book Dr. David J. Moser, one of the foremost authorities on the subject, provides students, educators, lawyers, and anyone in the music industry with a thorough understanding of copyright law, what it protects, the benefits of registering a copyright, and what to do when your copyright has been infringed.

Product Code: ISBN 1-59863-143-8
Publisher: artistpro Publishing
Author: Moser, D. J.
The Gospel According to Elvis

The Gospel According To Elvis celebrates the life and legacy of popular music's most influential single artist with a rich mix of inspirational quotes, biographical anecdotes, facts and memorabilia drawn from his life and work.

Product Code: ISBN 978-1-86074-655-0
Publisher: Bobcat Books Ltd.
Author: Crouch, T. and Crouch, K.
Sound Reinforcement Handbook

Gary Davis and Ralph Jones. Sound reinforcement is the use of audio amplification systems. This book is the first and only book of its kind to cover all aspects of designing and using such systems for public address and musical performance. The book features information on both the audio theory involved and the practical applications of that theory, explaining everything from microphones to loudspeakers. This revised edition features almost 40 new pages and is even easier to follow with the addition of an index and a simplified page and chapter numbering system. New topics covered include: MIDI, Synchronisation and an appendix on logarithms.

Product Code: ISBN 978-0-8818-8900-0
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Davis, G. and Jones, R.
The Real-World Guide to Music Business Success

The Real-World Guide to Music Business Success. If you are a musician, you need this book, which is rooted in real-life music business experience, not classroom theory.

Product Code: ISBN 0-87930-762-5
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Condon, N.
Technology Strategies for Music Education

In the summer of 1995, three teachers met to discuss the organization of music technology courses as they related to experienced and inexperienced teachers. The outcome was the creation of several new technology courses and a heightened interest in the developing course offerings at various skill levels. Many subject, including technology, need to be taught in sepuence to maximize learning.

Product Code: ISBN 0-634-09060-7
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Richmond, F. (editor)
How to Make it in the New Music Business

Lessons, Tips, & Inspiration from Music's Biggest & Best

Product Code: ISBN 0-8230-7954-6
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Wolff, R.
All you need to Know about the Music Business

Universally regarded as the definitive and indispensable guide to the music industry and now in its fifth edition, this book has undergone its most extensive overhaul to date. Veteran music lawyer Donald Passman sees a major change in the way record labels are doing business in response to today's numerous technological advances and uncertain post-boom economy.

Product Code: CONALK 6373
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Passman, D. S.
Blues and Gospel Music

This book offers an overview of two genres, which together provide an expression of twentieth-century black US experience.

Product Code: ISBN 0-521-00107-2
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Moore, A.
How to Get a Job in the Music and Recording Industry

This book offers a detailed guide that will educate and empower the serious music and recording industry job seeker.

Product Code: ISBN 0-634-01868-X
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Hatschek, K.

A comic, a book, a graffix


Product Code: ISBN 0-7136-5908-4
Publisher: A & C Black London
Author: Gutteridge, A.
Making Music Make Money

This book is an insider's guide to becoming your own music publisher. It will educate songwriters, as well as aspiring music busniness entrepreneurs, about how to become an effective independent music publisher.

Product Code: ISBN 0-87639-007-6
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Beall, E.
Helping Parents Practice

Volume I - II

Helping parents practice: Ideas for making it easier ia a response to the most common concerns of parents who practice a musical instrument with their children.

Product Code: ISBN 0-9767854-3-9
Publisher: Yes Publishing
Author: Sprunger, E.
Mozart A Bicentennial Tribute

An informative biography of Mozart, his life and his career 

Product Code: ISBN 1-85076-175-2
Publisher: The Apple Press
Author: Thompson, W.
Tutus, Tights and Tiptoes

Ballet history as it ought to be taught

Product Code: ISBN 0-920151-30-2
Publisher: Sound and Vision
Author: Donald, D.
Classical and Romantic Music

A comprehensive survey

Product Code: ISBN 0-393-09868-0
Publisher: W.W. Norton
Author: Blume, F.
U2 The Complete Guide to Their Music
  • An album by album, track by track analysis
  • Information on when and where the music was recorded
  • A separate section on rare tracks
  • A track index for easy reference
  • Details of U2 re-issues and compilations
Product Code: ISBN 0-7119-9886-8
Publisher: Omnibus Press
Author: Graham, B.
Bob Marley The Complete Guide to His Music
  • Full details of Marley's recordings for Studio One, Leslie Kong, Lee Perry, Island and Tuff Cong Productions
  • Information on when and where the music was recorded and produced, who wrote which songs
  • A critical consumers' guide to Marley's back catalogue
  • Details of Marley re-issues and box set compilations
  • A track index for easy reference
Product Code: ISBN 0-7119-9884-1
Publisher: Omnibus Press
Author: Hawke, H. and McCann, I.
Madonna The Complete Guide to Her Music
  • An album by album, track by track analysis
  • Information on when and where the music was recorded
  • A track index for easy reference
  • Details of Madonna re-issues and compilations
Product Code: ISBN 0-7119-9883-3
Publisher: Omnibus Press
Author: Rooksby, R.
International Folk Songs

Melody line, chords and lyrics for keyboard, guitar and vocal

Product Code: ISBN 0-7935-7344-0
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Product Code: ISBN 0-8264-1546-6
Publisher: Continuum Publishers
Author: Vincentelli, E.

Melody line, chords and words for keyboard, guitar and vocal

Product Code: ISBN 978-0-7935-7343-1
Publisher: Hal Leonard
The NRP Curious Listener's Guide to Jazz

In a century of sonic innovation, perhaps no other musical art form has gone through so many transformations and variations, influenced so many disparate artists, and inspired so much passion, as jazz. For the connoisseur, the beginner, the purist, or any curious listener, here's your chance to discover- or rediscover- the pleasures, the theories, the styles, and the remarkable history of the musical art form of the twentieth century, and to find out where it might be headed in the twenty-first.

Product Code: ISBN 0-399-52794-X
Publisher: The Berkley Publishing Co.
Author: Schoenberg, L.
The Publishing Story

A rare look behind the scenes of a publishing company as it works with composers to shape musical history.

Product Code: ISBN 978-085162-514-0
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Author: Wallace, H.
The New Music Therapist's Handbook

Dr. Hanser's well-respected Music Therapist's Handbook has been thoroughly updated and revised to reflect the latest developments in the field of music therapy. This new edition includes valuable information for both students and professionals alike, including an introduction to the field of music therapy, new clinical applications and techniques in music therapy for children, adolescents, adults, and individuals with specific handicaps.


Product Code: ISBN 0-634-00645-2
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Hanser, S. B.
Baroque String Playing

A really remarkable book which combines a huge range of scholarly information with being delightfully readable and to achieve expressiveness within a suitable historical is every baroque player's companion.

Product Code: ISBN 0-9528220-1-6
Publisher: Corda Music Publishers
Author: Tarling, J.
A Handbook of Musical Knowledge

When this book was first published in 1967, the material contained in its eight chapters related specifically to the content of the Grade One to Eight Theory of Music written examinations of Trinity College. This revised edition takes into account most of the changes which have been introduced more recently in those examinations, but may not match their content in every aspect. It is now offered as a general text book on the subject, in the hope that students preparing for any theory of music examinations will find it helpful.  

Product Code: TCL 1191
Publisher: Trinity College
Author: Brown, J. M.
Piano Chords
  • A simple keyboard geography lesson
  • Idiot-proof instruction on reading lead sheet
  • An easy introduction to common chords and scales
  • 1000 songs from a single chord progression
  • Advanced chords including four-note, extensions, and alterations
Product Code: ISBN 1-59257-459-9
Publisher: Alpha Publishers
Author: Berger, K.
Making Music Special

Practical ways to make music. This book is a companion for those involved in music making at all levels which contains many practical ideas and useful information for both the generalist and specialist alike.

Product Code: ISBN 1-85346-417-1
Publisher: David Fulton Publishers
Author: Childs, J.
From Extemporization to Improvisation
  • Memorable ideas
  • Developing ideas: repetition and sequence
  • Developing ideas: changing key
  • The 8-bar standard
  • 8 plus 4 standard
  • Improvising from chords
  • Aural awareness and improvisation in an examination context
  • Composers' solutions
Publisher: Trinity College London
Author: Wright, D.
Cut The Crap

Guide to music technology

  • How to use your computer to make music
  • Tips on how to get the most out of your gear
  • What to do when hardware goes wrong
  • How to use digital technology to sell your music
Product Code: ISBN 1-904411-07-X
Publisher: Artemis Music Ltd.
Author: Marshall, G.
Renaissance and Baroque Music

These two essays were written by Professor Blume for the monumental encyclopedia of which he was the editor, Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart. This book is a comprehensive survey.

Product Code: ISBN 0-393-09710-2
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company
Author: Blume, F.
Zangbundel Joh. De Heer

869 liederen en koren

For organ, piano and mixed chior

Product Code: SJH 001
Publisher: Joh. de Heer
Hymns Ancient & Modern New Standard

Full music edition

Hymn guide to the three year lectionary

Product Code: ISBN 978 0 907547 37 3
Publisher: Clays Ltd.
The Music Director's Cookbook

A stimulating collection of unique concepts on teaching and conducting by 57 of today's most outstanding music educators. Contains to-the-point, thought-provoking ideas proven successful by master teacher-conductors.

Product Code: ISBN 1-57463-039-3
Publisher: Hal Leonard
How to Teach Piano Successfully

Piano teaching is an art that requires study, aptitude, application and expertise. This book by James W. Bastien discusses those qualities, presenting a programme of study for the successful practise of piano teaching.

Product Code: ISBN 0-8497-6168-9
Publisher: Kjos Music Co.
Author: Bastien, J. W.
Musical Crosswords

25 puzzles with a musical theme, compiled by Randal Henly

Product Code: ISBN 978-0-85249-906-1
Publisher: Stainer & Bell Ltd.
Author: Henly, R.
Exploring Sound

An all-round vision of music at work in the classroom, Exploring Sound is essential reading for anyone involved with pupils in the first three Key Stages of the National Curriculum.

Product Code: ISBN 0 85249 310 X
Publisher: Stainer & Bell Ltd.
Author: Tillman, J.
The Future of Music

Get a head start as the recording industry is turned on its head with this manifesto for the digital music revolution. Digital technology, whether it be mobile phones, computer games, iPods, MP3s or file sharing, has become a catalyst that is turning the established music industry inside out. Every aspect of music production and distribution, from royalties and intellectual property rights to CD-copying and the importance of radio, is being called into question.

Product Code: ISBN 0-87639-059-9
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Kusek, D. and Leonhard, G.
45 RPM

The history, heroes & villains of a pop music revolution 

Product Code: ISBN 0-87930-757-9
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Propes, S. and Dawson, J.