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Melodies by Old Masters for Young Cellists

Lovely arrangements from famous pieces by wellknown composers for advanced Cellists with Piano accompaniment. 

Product Code: ISMNM001062237
Publisher: Schott
Author: Rapp, E. (ed.)
Fun Club Cello

Chill-out pieces to enjoy between exams for cello grade 0-1. With piano accompaniment and free CD included.

Product Code: ISMN570244300
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
Author: Haughton, A.
Cello Fun

15 Easy cello pieces in first position for the first year. CD included with tuning notes and accompaniment.

Product Code: ISBN1043560
Publisher: De Haske, Holland
Author: Goedhart, D.
Wizard's Potion

16 Lively pieces to play and sing for cello grades 1 and 2, with jazz piano accompaniment by Ben Attwood.  With CD featuring Emma Denton on the cello and Ben Attwood on the piano.

Product Code: ISMNM 577084565
Publisher: Edition Peters
Author: Lumsden, C. & Attwood, B.
Double Act

32 Popular melodies arranged for Cello or Bassoon duet. Accent is on playing for pleasure with pieces covering a broad spectrum of styles that will appeal to players of all ages and abilities.

Product Code: ISMNM 570243853
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
Author: Hellen, M. (arr.)
Jazzy Cello 1

The five pieces in this book are intended to provide young musicians with primarily classical training the opportynity of becoming acquainted with jazz-oriented music. The technical demands have been kept deliberately simple (grade 3 to 5).

Product Code: ISBN9783702448677
Publisher: UE
Author: Randanovics, M.
Swing into Christmas

15 Familiar Christmas Classics have been written in a variety of styles - Swing, Ballad, Latin and Rock.Includes CD Play-along with a "Live" Rhythm Section.

Product Code: ISBN0825856523
Publisher: Carl Fischer
Author: Strommen, C. (ed.Rosen,A.)
Classical and Romantic Pieces for Cello and Piano

12 Short pieces by various composers ranging from Bach to Tchaikovsky. For Cello in first and second position. 

Product Code: ISBN0193564718
Publisher: OUP
Author: Forbes, W. (arr.)
R&B Classics for Cello

11 Solo Arrangements with play-along CD. Cello first to fourth position.

Product Code: ISBN 0634057596
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Various composers
Playalong Cello Folk Songs

Traditional music from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales transcribed for cello in first position with piano accompaniment and play-along CD. CD include tuning notes, full performance tracks (with Cello) and backing tracks (Cello omitted).

Product Code: ISBN 0711991626
Publisher: Bosworth
Author: Gedge, D. (arr.)
Violincello Music for Beginners 1&2

A variaty of easy concert pieces by different composers for beginner cellists in first position. Vol. 1 and 2.

Product Code: ISMN97920080063125
Publisher: EMB
Author: Lengyel, E., Pejtsik, A. (ed.)
Violoncello Duos for Beginners

A fun cello duo book - for playing in first position.  Pieces are conscriptions by famous composers.

Product Code: ISMN080081587
Publisher: EMB
Author: Pejtsik, A.
Classical Pieces for the Beginning

Lovely pieces for the beginner cellist with great tunes from composers such as Mozart and Schubert.

Product Code: ISMN001056540
Publisher: Schott
Author: Such, P. (Ed).
Fiddle Fancies

Enjoyable musical addition to the beginner's repertoire!  The pieces are edited for cello and piano from the original violin and piano, called The Fiddler's Nursery by Adam Carse.

Product Code: ISMN220220746
Publisher: Stainer & Bell
Author: Carse, A., Max, W. (ed.)
String Time Joggers

Two part cello ensemble pieces with CD accompaniment. Great music with fun illustrations! You can look at and listen to pieces from the String Time Joggers books at


Product Code: ISBN 9780173359154
Publisher: OUP
Author: Blackwell, K&D.
Cellobuch (Cello book)

Lovely cello beginner pieces (1st position) by famous classical composers such as Mozart and Schubert with piano accompaniment.

Product Code: ISMN204413010
Publisher: Heinrichshofen
Author: Heilbut, P. (ed.)
Time Pieces for Cello

Music Through the Ages - from the 16th Century to the 20th Century for Cello beginners by The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. 

Product Code: ISBN9781854729484
Publisher: ABRSM
Author: Black, C. & Harris, P. (ed.)
More Time Pieces for Cello

Music through the Ages from Traditional to the 21st Century by wellknown composers for Cello beginners. 

Product Code: ISBN9781848491625
Publisher: ABRSM
Author: Bruce, W. & Wells, T. (ed.)
Easy Classics for Cello

Enjoyable short pieces for Cello beginners (first position) with Piano Accompaniment.

Product Code: ISBN0193564750
Publisher: OUP
Author: Forbes, W. (arr.)

Up-grade is a collection of new pieces and studies in a wide variety of styles for cellists of any age. This book is designed to be especially useful to students who have passed Grade 3 and 4 and would like a break before plunging into the syllabus for the next Grade.

Product Code: ISBN0571519636
Publisher: Faber Music
Author: Wedgwood, P.
First Repertoire for Cello - Overview

Fun arrangements by famous composers, covering a range of styles to build up the young cellist.

Book 1: ISBN9780571516414

Book 2: ISBN9780571516421

Product Code: use codes above
Publisher: Faber Music
Author: Various
Four Strings and a Bow - Overview

Series of three books with graded pieces for cello and piano. 

Book 1: BOE003924

Book 2: BOE003925

Book 3: BOE003926

Cello part also available separately on request.

Product Code: use codes above
Publisher: Bosworth
Author: Lovell, J. & Page, P.
Playalong Cello Christmas Tunes

A great collection of Christmas tunes arranged for cellists of Grade 2 to 3 standard to enjoy with piano accompaniment and CD. CD include tuning notes, full performance tracks (with Cello) and backing tracks (Cello omitted).

Product Code: ISMN201640389
Publisher: Bosworth
Author: Gedge, D. (arr.)
Cello Time Joggers - Book 1
A first book of easy pieces for Cello by Kathy and David Blackwell. A great source of early pieces for those still finding their feet with this demanding instrument. Fun to play and easy to learn, this set of melodies will help to develop coordination and confidence in your playing.
Product Code: ISBN0193220873
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Kathy/David Blackwell