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Afro-Cuban Coordination For Drumset: The Essential Method and Workbook

Afro-Cuban Coordination for Drumset will enable you to develop the necessary coordination with which to play in a variety of Afro-Cuban musical styles. By combining ostinatos with coordination studies and variations, the book provides challenging material for drummers. The book is filled with rhythmic phrases typical of the Afro-Cuban style that will help you make the transition from practicing coordination exercises to playing music.
The accompanying CD contains demo and play-along tracks in the Mambo, Songo, Mozambique, and Nanigo styles.

Product Code: ISBN9780793597499
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Maria Martinez
100 Tips For Drums You Should Have Been Told

Throughout this book, exercises and music examples work in combination with the audio tracks on the CD to help develop your technique and guide you to new, more adventurous avenues of drumming, whether you're already in a band or starting out. Complete with words of wisdom from some of the greatest drummers of modern times, as well as a vital guide to setting up your kit in studio and live situations, 100 Tips For Drums contains everything you need to learn how to drum like the all-time greats.

Product Code: ISBN9781860744358
Publisher: Sanctuary Publishing
Author: Pete Riley
Brazilian Percussion Manual

This manual introduces the percussionist to Brazilian instruments, rhythms, techniques and history. Includes complete applications for the drumset and two model pieces (with full score) for ten or more players.

Product Code: ISBN0739027220
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Author: Dan Sabanovich
Fink, Siegfried: Studies for Drumset

Available are the following graded volumes:

Book 1: M221107879

Book 2: M221101594

Book 3: M221101600

Product Code: use codes above
Publisher: N. Simrock
Author: Siegfried Fink
Drum Circle: A Guide to World Percussion

This unique guide to world percussion covers 28 different
instruments with descriptions and performance techniques.
Exercises and traditional rhythms are illustrated in both traditional
music notation and time box notation. The enhanced CD doubles
as a fun multimedia learning tool that works on any Windows compatible
or Macintosh computer.
Book/ECD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20610

Product Code: use codes above
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Author: Eduardo, Kumor
Goldenberg, Morris: Studies in Solo Percussion
Product Code: HL00347779
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Morris Goldenberg
Amandi, Elisabeth: Augmentation, Floating

Two pieces by Elisabeth Amandi for two drumsets.

Product Code: ZM2921
Publisher: Zimmermann Frankfurt
Author: Elisabeth Amandi
Gruendler, Donny: Playing With Drum Loops

The reliance upon technology in today's musical world means the demand for drummers to be comfortable working with backing tracks and programmed loops is greater than ever before. Just listening for a few moments to a commercial radio station will clearly demonstrate the vast proliferation of sampled breakbeat phrases, as well as the enormous popularity of combining loops with the 'natural' feel of a live drummer.


Product Code: ISBN9780825859823
Publisher: Carl Fischer
Author: Donny Gruendler
Weckl, Dave: Ultimate Play-Along For Drums Level 1 Volume 2

The best way to practice is to have fun while you learn, and that is exactly what The Ultimate Play-Along series is all about. Every musician has learned by playing along with records, and now with Ultimate Play-Along you can practice with great recorded music as if you were a member of the band! That's because you get each track mixed without your instrument. You also get to hear the music with the featured instrument as well for reference.

Product Code: ISBN9781576234020
Publisher: IMP
Author: Dave Weckl
Weckl, Dave: Ultimate Playalong 1

Book and CD tutorial pack from the acclaimed jazz-rock fusion drummer.

Product Code: ISBN9780760400692
Publisher: IMP
Author: Dave Weckl
Graded Course For Drum Kit - Books with CD

Intended to help students prepare for graded exams. In these series, the following books are available:

Book 1: ISBN0571532845 

Book 2: ISBN9780571532858


Product Code: use codes above
Publisher: Woodsmoor Press
Author: Dave Hassell
Afro-Cuban Grooves For Bass And Drums: Funkifying The Clave: Book/CD

A guide to Applying afro-cuban grooves to funk, rock and jazz, for bass and drums.

Product Code: ISBN9780769220208
Publisher: Manhattan Music
Author: Goines, Ameen
All About Jembe

Everything you need to start playing now. 

In-depth coverage of popular percussion instruments, including history, tuning, maintenance, techniques, exercises, ensembles, and more, from a world-renowned educator and performer, Kalani. Each book comes with an enhanced CD featuring additional multimedia content, including demonstrations of all rhythms and techniques and tuning instructions.

Product Code: ISBN0739023608
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Author: Kalani
West African Rhythms For Drumset

Ghana, West Africa is the source for many rhythms throughout the world. In this book, ethnomusicologist and drumset artist Royal Hartigan, with the help of Ghanaian Master Drummers, Abraham Adzenyah and Freeman Donkor, have adapted West African rhythms to the drumset.
The accompanying CD features a Ghanaian drumming ensemble as well as selected drumset adaptations.


Product Code: IMP3220A
Publisher: Manhattan Music
Author: Hartigan, Adzenyah, Donkor
World Music Drumming (Resource) - Teacher's Edition

After extensive field-testing in the U.S. and Canada, World Music Drumming has passed all the tests! Aimed primarily at grades 6-8 with extensions into the lower elementary grades and the high school, you and your students will learn drumming techniques, sing lots of great songs with accompaniment and movement, connect African and Latin American cultural traditions to the music performed, and discover how music can be the perfect vehicle for teaching team building, respect, focusing, listening, problem solving, and other important life skills. The Teacher's Edition provides complete lesson plans and a step-by-step teaching process. The handy reproducible Cross-Cultural Student Enrichment Book offers a variety of information and fun for your students. The helpful DVD goes right into the classroom to show how to teach the lessons, using middle school students to demonstrate the parts. Available: Teacher's Edition, DVD, Reproducible Cross-Cultural Student Enrichment Book, Classroom Kit (includes all of the above components). Grades 3-8.

Product Code: ISBN0634064886
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Will Schmid
Together in Rhythm - Book/DVD

Create compelling rhythm-based events for groups of all kinds! Learn the art of drum circle facilitation from master percussionist, educator and award-winning drum circle facilitator, Kalani. This
book contains curriculum-ready activities, resources and ideas and an interactive DVD complete with activities, games, instrument guide and inspirational interviews. Participants will also gain essential life skills: creative thinking, active listening, teamwork, self-direction and communication.

Product Code: ISBN073903510X
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Author: Kalani
The UnReel Drum Book

Featuring the Music of Randy Waldman and the Drumming of Vinnie Colaiuta. Book & 2 CDs. Musicians and teachers alike will love the analysis, transcriptions, and great music this book offers. The UnReel Drum Book contains a detailed and clear analysis of the playing of one of the greatest drumming legends ever, Vinnie Colaiuta.

Product Code: ISBN0757917410
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Author: Marc Atkinson
Drummer's Guide To Odd Meters

A Comprehensive Source for Playing Drums in Odd Time Signatures. For drum set. Instructional book and accompaniment CD. With drum notation, introductory text and instructional text.

Product Code: ISBN0634001043
Publisher: Musicians Institute Press
Author: Ed Roscetti
Berklee Practice Method: Drum Set

Make your rock band better, or prepare yourself to join one! This sensational series lets you improve your intuitive sense of timing and improvisation, develop your technique and reading ability, and master your role in the groove. Play along with a Berklee faculty band on the accompanying CD, then play with your own band!

Product Code: ISBN0634006525
Publisher: Berklee Press
Author: Scheuerell, Savage
Realistic Rock For Kids: My First Rock & Roll Drum Method

Drum beats made simple! Now you can learn to rock with the best, with the coolest new drum method written by drum legend Carmine Appice. Just like his classic award-winning drum method Realistic Rock, Carmine has made learning to play the drums fun and easy. Includes two CDs to play along with.

Product Code: ISBN9780757994609
Publisher: IMP
Author: Carmine Appice
Have Fun Playing Hand Drums (Book & CD)

This book and audio package is for all beginners who want to
learn how to play the bongos, congas and djembe drums in a fun
and musical way.

Product Code: ISBN0769280587
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Author: Ben James
The Drummer's Studio Survival Guide

By Mark Huntly Parsons. A useful book on how to get the best possible drum tracks on any recording project.

Product Code: ISBN0793572223
Publisher: Modern Drummer Publications
Author: Mark Huntly Parsons
The Drumset Soloist

Soloing is often neglected in the drumset player's routine. The Drumset Soloist was written to provide you with the practice material to approach any drumset solo, in any style, with ease.

Product Code: ISBN9780769234700
Publisher: Belwin
Author: Steve Houghton
World Beat Rhythms: Africa

The World Beat Rhythms series explores rhythmic styles from different regions of the world. The hybrid compositions and rhythms in this book and CD package are influenced by the popular Acom, Adowa, and rhythms from the Central African Republic. All levels.

Photographs of each percussion instrument
Instruction on techniques used to play each instrument
Percussion scores
Rhythm indexes played at different tempos
Percussion breaks
Audio examples of each rhythm demonstrated on their respective instruments

The Cd contains demonstration and play-along tracks that can be used when learning and practicing the examples. Play along with a 30-piece percussion ensemble with drumset and bass.
The World Beat Rhythms series can be used by students who want to teach themselves, or by music educators for private or group instruction

Product Code: ISBN9780634048371
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Martinez, Roscetti
ABRSM: Graded Music for Snare Drum

Available are the following books:

Book I: Grades 1 & 2
Book II: Grades 3 & 4
Book III: Grades 5 & 6
Book IV: Grades 7 & 8

Product Code: available on request
Publisher: ABRSM Publishing
Author: Various
Rockschool Drums Exam Books - Overview

Available are all exam books, grades 1-8 (CD included).


Product Code: available on request
Publisher: RockSchool
Rock School
Trinity Sound at Sight

Sight reading pieces for drum kit.

Available are the following books:

Book 1, Grades 1-4 (TG 008749)

Book 2, Grades 5-8 (TG 008855)


Product Code: use codes above
Publisher: Trinity College London
Author: Various
Trinity Rock & Pop Exams (2012-2017) - Drums

Available are the following exam books (CD included):

Initial    (TCL 010414)

Grade 1 (TCL 010421)

Grade 2 (TCL 010438)

Grade 3 (TCL 010445)

Grade 4 (TCL 010452)

Grade 5 (ISBN9780857362506)

Grade 6 (ISBN9780857362513)

Grade 7 (ISBN9780857362520)

Grade 8 (ISBN9780857362537)


Product Code: use codes above
Publisher: Trinity College London
Author: Various
Trinity Guildhall Drum Kit Pieces & Studies (2011-2013) - Overview

Drum Kit pieces and studies for different grades from the Trinity Guildhall Drum Kit Syllabus 2011–2013. The enclosed CD includes backing tracks for the Group A pieces in addition to full performances (with kit) of all Group A pieces.

Available are the following volumes:

Drum Kit 1, Grades 1-2 (ISBN9780857360199)

Drum Kit 2 Grades 3-4 (ISBN9780857360205)

Drum Kit 3, Grades 5-6 (ISBN9780857360212)

Drum Kit 4, Grades 7-8 (ISBN9780857360229)



Product Code: use
Publisher: Trinity College London
Author: Various
Take the Lead Jazz - Book & CD

Take the Lead is a terrific series of books for all instrumentalists, young and old. Eight jazz classics are arranged for each instrument as stand-alone solos, or all the instruments can play together. Each song includes chord symbols in concert pitch for use by piano or guitar, or the player can use the full backing track from the CD as accompaniment. The CD also includes tuning notes and full version demonstration tracks of each song to help each musician learn the song. It's a great all-around package at a great price, and perfect for the band student who is looking for more music to play, especially as an introduction to jazz.

Titles: Birdland * Desafinado * Don't Get Around Much Anymore * Fascinating Rhythm * Misty * My Funny Valentine * One O'Clock Jump and more.
Product Code: ISBN1859097979
Publisher: IMP
Author: Various
Hand Drums for Beginners

An Easy Beginning Method by John Marshall. Learn to play rhythms from all over the world on the djembe, conga, pandeiro, dumbek, fram drum and riq. After introducing the various families of drums and basic drum notation, the author takes you through each instrument from how to hold it to playing appropriate world rhythms. You'll learn about Nigerian Frekoba, West-African Djoli, the Latin clave and Samba, Moroccan folk rhythms, Arabic Dawr Hindy, and much more! 48 pages.
Recorded Acc. Available.

Product Code: ISBN0739003240
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Author: John Marschall
Beyond the Backbeat: From Rock & Funk to Jazz & Latin - Book & CD

Learn how to take any basic rock/funk drum beat and morph it into jazz and world music feels. Improve your chops, expand your versatility, and develop your own style. The accompanying CD features over 90 play-along tracks to test out your morphing techniques as you groove with a Berklee band in all contemporary styles.

Product Code: ISBN0634007017
Publisher: Berklee Press
Author: Larry Finn
Grosso, C. A.: Hand Drumming Essentials - Book/CD

The Instruments, Techniques, and Compositions for Ensemble Performance, by C.A. Grosso. For World Percussion.

Hand Drumming Essentials is unlike any book you've seen! This innovative new approach provides all the information you need to begin and maintain your own hand drumming ensemble. The book includes an introduction to hand drumming; instruments of the hand drumming ensemble (including conga, bongos and timbales, and exotic world percussion instruments such as agogo, axatse, caxixi and toke); performance techniques; rehearsal techniques; the development of hand drumming technique; and compositions for performance.

Also available without CD (ISBN0739015044)

Product Code: ISBN0739032828
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Author: C. A. Grosso
Djembefola - Book and CD

The latest djembe rhythms. Francais/English.

Product Code: EMF100019
Publisher: Editions Musicales Francaises
Author: Daniel Genton
Scott, Justin: The Drummer's Bible

The Drummer's Bible is an easy and accessible guide providing all the information and advice that any budding drummer needs to get started. The book comes in a very practical small format spiral binding.

Product Code: ISBN0785823646
Publisher: Chartwell Books, Inc.
Author: Justin Scott
Djembe - Method for Technical and Creative Development

This is the complete method book for the djembe, an African tuned drum that is becoming ever more popular in various styles of music. The author starts from this happy pre-supposition: Everyone can play the djembe! This instrument has characteristic sounds and phrases, from bold to extremely subtle. One musician stated, “Beating the drum with bare hands is not only playing the drum. It is truly touching the sound which is intangible.” The method starts at the very beginning, defining the most basic aspects of the drum and its playing. Progressive exercises, teaching increasingly complex rhythms, accents and phrasing, comprise the bulk of the method.

Product Code: ISBN0634070436
Publisher: Ricordi
Author: Ivano Torre
The Naturali Catchi Rhythm Work Book

A practical guide to the world of rhythm. Suitable for teachers and students 6 years and older, beginners to advanced. CD included.

Product Code: not available
Publisher: Blommestein, Juma
Author: Blommestein, Juma
Instant Drum Set

No matter what your level of musical knowledge, this is a simple, fun method for students of all ages who want to start playing the drums. Jam with the band in a variety of musical styles, including rock, funk, swing and blues.

Product Code: ISBN9780634026027
Publisher: Berklee Press
Author: Ron Savage
Graded Percussion Sight-Reading

with a progressive teaching guide. Grades 1-8.

Product Code: ISMN M570010608
Publisher: Guildhall School of Music & Drama
Author: Various
A New Tune A Day For Drums: Book 1 (Book And CD)

The book contains:
Advice on equipment Instructions for an effective technique and a comfortable posture Explanatory section on reading drum notation Easy-to-follow lessons on clear, uncluttered pages Audio CD with a virtuoso performance, backing tracks and audio examples Compatible with A New Tune A Day for Electric Guitar and A New Tune A Day for Bass Guitar Tests to check progress and comprehension Useful pull-out library of drum grooves.

Product Code: ISBN9781846090325
Publisher: Boston Music Company
Author: C. Paul Herfurth
A Tune A Day For Drums - Book 1

by C. Paul Herfurth. Teaches you everything from the rudiments of music to holding the drum sticks. Covers all the basic drumming techniques.

Product Code: ISBN9780711915640
Publisher: Boston Music Company
Author: C. Paul Herfurth
Read That Rhythm - Percussion

A collection of drumroots.

Product Code: DHP0900185401
Publisher: de Haske
Author: Lamers, Masselink
Drum Set Warm-Ups

Essential exercises for improving technique. Legendary drummer Rod Morgenstein reveals his innovative warm-up method designed to limber up your entire body. While snare/pad warm-up books focus on hand, wrist, and finer development, Drum Set Warm-Ups will get your arms and whole body moving in clockwise, counterclockwise, up, down, side-to-side, cross-over, cross-under, and criss-cross motions.
This workshop will increase your confidence, and give you a greater facility and command of the drum set. It will help you develop the necessary skills and techniques to play to your full potential.

Product Code: ISBN9780634009655
Publisher: Berklee Press
Author: Rod Morgenstein
Alfred’s Beginning Drumset Method

This innovative method is a practical approach to playing the drumset. Students start their first lesson by playing an actual beat! The book is divided into two sections: “Rock” and “Jazz”. In each section students learn the use of the hi-hat, ride cymbal, snare drum and bass drum in their respective styles. A play-along CD is available for corresponding drum charts.
Book/CD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16926
Book only . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8965

Product Code: use codes above
Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing
Author: Feldstein, Black
Women on Djembe

Rhythm song book compiled by Janis Merand & Michelle Blommestein.

Product Code: not available
Publisher: Merand, Blommestein
Author: Merand, Blommestein