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A Wedding Suite for Organ
Product Code: ISBN 0-7579-9513-6
Publisher: Warner Bros
Author: Brunner, R.
Rheinberger, Sonata No. 8 & 9

Josef Rheinberger (1839-1901) was a prolific composer in almost every field, but he found in the organ the medium best fitted to his genius and temperament. This seems to be proved by the fact that his reputation as an organ composer has grown and is now firmly established, whereas his position in other branches has declined.

His twenty sonatas and numerous other short pieces make up one of the most important contributions to the organ repertory. It may indeed be claimed that in the maintainance of a high level of quality and interest throughout a long series of works of both large and small scale, his position as an organ composer is second only to that of Bach.

Product Code: ISBN 0-7119-9299-1
Publisher: Novello Publishing
Author: Rheinberger, J.
Parry, Organ Album

Book 1 - 2

Product Code: NOV010163
Publisher: Novello Publishing
Author: Parry, H.
Lemmens, Fanfare for Organ
Product Code: NOV590010
Publisher: Novello Publishing
Author: Lemmens, J.
Mendelssohn, Six Sonatas for Organ
Product Code: NOV010034
Publisher: Novello Publishing
Author: Mendelssohn, F.
A Practical Guide to Playing the Organ

A Graded Anthology For Organ - Book One: A Practical Guide To Playing The Organ contains detailed guidance and dissection of the organ, its componenets, sounds and, of course, technique and playing, all of which supports the repertoire pieces in the later books.

This first book in the series, by renowned organist Anne Marsden Thomas, covers the four main areas of concern to organisits of all levels: registration, musical expression, technique and the art of practising. Together with the graded anthologies in books 2-5, it is intended to be a complete training system for orgainsts of all standards.

Product Code: ISMN M-2209-0582-7
Publisher: Cramer Music Ltd.
Author: Thomas, A. M.
An Organ Miscellany

85 attractive pieces

This collection represents the merging of five collections previously available separately and which are no longer in print.

Product Code: ISBN 978-184003-523-0
Publisher: Kevin Meyhew Ltd.
Wedding Miscellany

An anthology of Organ music specially selected and arranged for use at weddings. The collection includes works by Bach, Brahms, Purcell as well as several contemporary compositions. Many of the pieces featured are suitable for a variety of occasions, or simply as regal celebratory concert solos.

Product Code: NOV010124
Publisher: Novello Publishing
The Complete Organ Player Book 2

This book contains twenty-three seasonal songs, ranging from 'Once in Royal David's City' and 'I Saw Three Ships' to 'Happy Xmas (war is over)' and 'Saviour's Day', all arranged for today's player.

Product Code: ISBN 0-7119-3040-6
Publisher: Wise Publications
Author: Baker, K. (arranged)
Manual Miscellany for Organ

Edited by C.H. Trevor, this book selectively compiles 27 intermediate standard pieces for organ. Although the pieces have suggestions for registration on an organ of two (and sometimes three) manuals, all the pieces can be played effectively on a one-manual instrument with appropriate stops.

Product Code: ISBN 0-85360-280-8
Publisher: Novello Publishing
Author: Trevor, C. H.
Purcell, Trumpet Tunes and Other Ayres

Arranged for Organ by O.H Peasgood

Product Code: ISBN 0-85360-281-6
Publisher: Novello Publishing
Author: Purcell, H.
Reger, Organ Works
Product Code: ISMN M 004 18050 1
Publisher: Breitkopf & Hartel
Author: Reger, M.
Mendelssohn, Three Preludes and Fuge For Organ
Product Code: 8299
Publisher: Breitkopf and Hartel
Author: Mendelssohn, F. B.
Lemmens, Fanfare Voor Orgel
Product Code: 210
Publisher: Muziekuitgeverij Ltd.
Author: Lemmens, J. N.
A Second Easy Album for Organ

A second collection of six easy pieces for Organ, featuring works by Alan Ridout, David Lord, John Rutter and more.

Product Code: ISBN 0-19-375129-1
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Dupre, Variations Sur un Noel
Product Code: 16626
Publisher: Alphonse Leduc
Author: Dupre, M.
Holst, The Planets

Gustav Holst (1874-1934) is widely regarded as one of the most original of 20th century composers, and The Planets, composed in 1914-16, established him as a really popular composer. The work, with its vivid sense of invention and use of driving rhythm, is a masterpiece of the 20th century orchestral repertoire.
Arthur Wills has transcribed these three movements from The Planets for organ to make a superb set of recital pieces or voluntaries.

Product Code: ISBN 0-85360-948-9
Publisher: Novello Publishing
Author: Holst, G.

A collection of reflective music for organ

Product Code: ISBN 1-84003-084-4
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
Author: Thomson, D. (editor)
J. S. Bach, Organ Music

The major works: Six 'Trio Sonatas', 'Das Orgelbuchlein', six 'Schubler Chorales', 18 'Chorale Preludes' and others. Bach-Gesellschaft edition.

Product Code: ISBN 13-978-0-486-22359-9
Publisher: Dover Publications
Sigfrid Karg-Elert Choral-Improvisationen fur Orgel

Op. 65 Heft 1

Publisher: Breitkopf & Hartel
Author: Karg-Elert, S.
The Great Feast

A bumper collection for Lent, Holy Week and Easter with some really lovely stuff. And, of course, there is the usual Kevin Mayhew bonus that you will sound good without endless hours of practice!

Product Code: ISBN 1-84003-117-4
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
Author: McPherson, A.
Oxford Service Music for Organ

This is a major collection of Organ music for students, players, and church musicians of all levels and abilities. Compiler and editor Anne Marsden Thomas has drawn on her long experience of teaching and playing to select the most attractive, tuneful repertoire in two new sets of graded anthologies, one set (3 volumes) for manuals only, the second set (3 volumes) for manuals and pedals.

Product Code: ISBN 978-0-19-337267-2
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Thomas, A. M. (editor)
The Joy of More Organ Music

A second book of favourite folk, popular and standard songs with chord names and lyrics. Includes 'La Cumparsita', 'Peter And The Wolf' and 'Mexican Hat Dance'.

Product Code: ISBN 0-7119-0130-9
Publisher: Yorktown Music Press
Author: Baker, K. (arranged)
Seven Chorale Preludes

Hubert Parry (1848-1918) was an extrmely influential English composer during the early years of the 20th century. Throughout his career as a composer he held positions in Oxford University and at the Royal College of Music. His compositions include Jerusalem, English Suite For Strings, Overture To An Unwritten Tragedy, Beast of Bettesthorne and Te Deum.

Product Code: ISBN 0-85360-623-4
Publisher: Novello Ltd.
Author: Parry, H.
Wedding Music for the Organ

Twenty arrangements from the classics by Homer Whitford. Beautiful and appropriate material for the wedding service. Music by Bach, Handel, Purcell, Mendelssohn and Mozart.

Product Code: HF5003
Publisher: Harold Flammer Music
Author: Whitford, H.
Ten Pieces for Organ

A collection of favourite classical melodies arranged with the parish organist in mind. All arrangements fall nicely under the fingers and feet.

Product Code: ISBN 978-1-84417-833-9
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
The Organist's Library

Book nine: Music from across the centuries

A collection for manuals

Product Code: ISBN 0-86209-395-3
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
A Christmas Collection

A collection of Christmas classics arranged for Organ. Includes In Dulci Jubilo and Fantasia on Adeste Fideles. Suitable for intermediate standard.

Product Code: NOV 010164
Publisher: Novello Publishing
The Way of the Cross
Product Code: ISBN 90-431-0572-4
Publisher: De Haske Publishers
Author: Kaluza, G. (editor)
Rheinberger, Sonata No. 10 & 11
Product Code: NOV010171
Publisher: Novello Publishing
Author: Rheinberger, J.
J. S. Bach Toccata (and Fugue)

Bach's famous Toccata And Fugue In D Minor  BWV565 is available here for Solo Organ

Product Code: F460
Publisher: Fentone Music Ltd.
Author: Hesford, B. (editor)
A Christmas Rhapsody for Organ
Publisher: Banks Music Publications
Author: Sanger, D.
John Rutter, Variations on an Easter Theme

An organ duet based on the theme 'O Filii et Filiae'.

Product Code: ISBN 0-19-375715-X
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Rutter, J.
Dancing down the Aisle

Well, not exactly, maybe, but we asked our composers to write 'feel good' pieces for this collection, giving organists plenty of jolly tunes with which to play their congregations out. We're sure you'll love the result!

As always the music falls easily under the hands and there are two versions: one for organ, the other for manuals only.

Product Code: ISBN 1-84003-738-5
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
The Joy of Organ Music

A collection of popular favourites, folk, waltzes, standards etc., arranged by Nelson Varon. Easy arrangements for all organs with chord names and lyrics.

Product Code: ISBN 0-7119-0129-5
Publisher: Yorktown Music Press
Author: Varon, N. (arranged)
Stravinsky, L'Oiseau de Feu

From L'Oiseau de feu (Firebird). Arrangement for Organ by Maurice Besly.

Product Code: CH03033
Publisher: L&W Chester Ltd.
Author: Stravinsky, I
Rheinberger, Sonata No 19 & 20
Product Code: NOV010201
Publisher: Novello Publishing
Author: Rheinberger, J.
Incognita Organo

Volume 27

Product Code: HU3571
Publisher: Harmonia Publishers
Author: Homilius, G. A.
Dance of the Trumpets
Product Code: BGK1011
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Bish, D.
Mendelssohn, War March for Priests
Product Code: NOV950187
Publisher: Novello Publishing
Author: Mendelssohn, F.
Praise Organist

Volume 1 - 2

Organ medleys fo contemporary workship

Publisher: Word Music, LLC.
Author: Wyrtzen, D.
The Complete Works for Organ Solo

Volume 1 - 5

Product Code: B798
Publisher: Stainer & Bell
Author: Harwood, B.
The Church Organist a New Method

Here is a method that will train organists properly for the traditional role of accompanying hymns and providing suitable service music. It is a comprehensive approach that introduces the techniques of organ playing step-by-step.

Product Code: ISBN 978-1-84867-141-6
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
Author: Tambling, C.
Liber Organi

Volume 1 - 2

Selected Organ pieces of the Romantic period

Product Code: ISMN M-001-13025-7
Publisher: Schott Ltd.
Author: Heuser, P. (editor)
Bridge, Three Pieces for Organ

This set of three pieces was first published in 1905. It includes the 'Adagio in E', a piece popular with organists ever since.

Product Code: ISBN 0-85360-656-0
Publisher: Novello Ltd.
Author: Bridge, F.
Famous Pieces for Piano and Organ

Volume 1 - 2

Selected, arranged and simplified with added chord symbols for the organ by Johannes R. van der Heuvel.

Product Code: SOC 0512
Publisher: Contemporary Publishers Ltd.
Author: van den Heuvel, J. R.
Dubois, Toccata in G Major

The 19th Century French composer Theodore Dubois was well-known for his excellent theoretical texts as well as his organ works, of which this is one of his finest.

Product Code: HL50265160
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Schirmer, G. (Inc.)
Guilmant, Grand in Choeur
Product Code: ISMN M-2201-0941-6
Publisher: Edition Schott
Author: Guilmant, A.

Book 1 - 2

Product Code: XYZ 707
Publisher: X. Y. Z. Publishers
Author: Dean, F.
Gange, Wedding Music
Product Code: ISMN M-2209-0123-2
Publisher: J.B. Cramer & Co. Ltd.
Author: Gange, K.
Guilmant, Fantaisie sur Deux Melodies Anglaises
Product Code: NOV950334
Publisher: Novello Publishing
Author: Guilmant, A.
Mendelssohn, Organ Pieces
Product Code: 426
Publisher: G. Henle Verlag
Author: Mendelssohn, F.
J. S. Bach, Organ Works

Volume 1 - 2

Product Code: ISMN M-014-00329-6
Publisher: C. F. Peters
Author: Bach, J. S.
Keller, School of Choral Improvasation
Product Code: EP 4447
Publisher: Edition Peters
Author: Keller
Handel, Organ Concert Nr. 13
Product Code: ED 8020
Publisher: Edition Peters
Author: Handel, G. F.
80 Selected Cholar Preludes
Product Code: ED 4449
Publisher: Edition Peters
Schilling, Four Choral Pieces
Product Code: ED 6738
Publisher: Edition Peters
Author: Schilling, H. L.
Concert for Organ or Piano
Product Code: SJH 340
Publisher: Gerard Bal Co.
Author: Ruppe, Fr.
Alain, Euvre for Organ
Product Code: AL20102
Publisher: Editions Musicales
Author: Alain, J.
Beethoven, Adagio for the Musical Clock
Product Code: ISMN M-008-01209-9
Publisher: Universal Edition
Author: Beethoven, L.
Young, Prelude in Classical Style

For handbells (5-7 octaves) and optional flute

Product Code: SM39
Publisher: The Sacred Music Press
Author: Young, G.
Speuy, Psalm Preludes

For organ and harpsichord

Product Code: SWNM002
Publisher: Elkan-Vogel Co.
Author: Speuy, H.
Elgar, Pomp and Circumstance

Arranged for Organ by G. R. Sinclair.

Product Code: ISMN M-060-01972-2
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Author: Elgar, E.
Brouwer, Solo's & Koorwerke vir Kersfees

'n Aantal nuwe en oorspronklike koorwerke met orel begeleiding

Product Code: BBKK
Author: Brouwer, B.
Purcell, Trumpet Voluntary

Arranged for Organ by Harvey Grace

Product Code: ISMN M-2201-0878-5
Publisher: Schott Ltd.
Author: Purcell, H.
An Organ Album for Manuals Only

Book 1 - 2

8 pieces for Organ edited by John Scott Whiteley

Product Code: INS 13977
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Whiteley, J. S.
Music for Manuals

Set 1 - 2

Product Code: ISBN 1-84417-570-7
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
Buxtehude, Four Short Chorale Preludes
Product Code: FSCP
Publisher: J.B. Cramer & Co. Ltd.
Author: Buxtehude, D.
Waters, Festive Processional
Product Code: SM8
Publisher: J.B. Cramer & Co. Ltd.
Author: Waters, C. F.
Liedverwerkings vir Pinkster
Product Code: BB004
Author: Brouwer, B.
Sing Praise

Varied accompaniments for fourteen hymns by Matthew H. Corl

Product Code: GBM0003
Publisher: Warner Bross
Author: Corl, M. H.
Marina, Alla Passacaglia

For flute, percussion and organ

Product Code: SUE541
Publisher: Swedish Music Information Centre
Author: Marina, C.
Stanley, Toccata for the Flutes
Product Code: NO43
Publisher: J.B. Cramer & Co. Ltd.
Author: Stanley, J.
Ball, Variations on a Theme of Paganini

Organ (pedal solo)

Product Code: IP33 3YB
Publisher: Novello Ltd.
Author: Ball, G. T.
Funeral Music for Organ

Volume 1 - 2

Funeral Music For Organ edited and arranged by Wilco Bos. Includes Albinoni's Adagio, Handel's Largo and the traditional Amazing Grace.

Product Code: 239746S
Publisher: Willemsen Co.
Author: Bos, W. (editor)
Bolcom, Gospel Preludes

Book 1 - 2

This edition for advanced organists corrects and combines all of Bolcom's gospel preludes. Includes new program notes.

Product Code: ISBN 0-7935-3481-X
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Bolcom, W.
Reger, 12 Pieces

Opus 59

Product Code: ED 3008b
Publisher: Edition Peters
Author: Reger
Everybody's Favourite Christmas Carols

Arranged for easy organ/piano vocal, here are twenty-five of the world's best known carols including 'The First Nowell' and 'Good King Wenceslas' - complete with words.

Product Code: ISBN 0-86001-217-4
Publisher: Wise Publications