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Fast Forward

A third book of 21 pieces for beginner viola players with piano accompaniment. This collection of pieces explores 0-12-3-4 and 0-1-2-34 finger patterns. New rhythms and compound time are introduced, along with a wider range of expression marks and some varied bowings.

Product Code: ISMN M-060-09081-3
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Author: Colledge, K. and Colledge, H.
Porgy & Bess

Arranged for Viola and Piano

Product Code: conalk 00002
Publisher: Viola World
Author: Arnold, A.
Schumann Fantasy Pieces

Opus 73 bis

For Viola and Piano

Product Code: IMC 3240
Publisher: International Music Company
Author: Davis, L.
Viva Viola

All young players need simple pieces that lie well on their instrument, stimulate the imagination and are fun to play. Here are 20 entertaining pieces, composed specifically for the viola player of elementary to intermediate ability.

Product Code: ISBN 0-571-51292-5
Publisher: Faber Music
Author: Wilkinson, M. and Bass, P.
Shooting Stars

This book is the fourth book in a progressive series preceded by Stepping Stones, Waggon Wheels and Fast Forward. The 21 pieces concentrate on 01-2-3-4 and 01-2-34 finger patterns and include the augmented 2nd between the 1st and 2nd fingers. Triplets, basic syncopation and chromaticism are introduced, together with some new bowing and a piece in five time.

Product Code: ISMN 979-0-060-10345-2
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Author: Colledge, K. and Colledge, H.

JumpStart is written to help get you playing right away. This book has songs that you can listen to on CD and play along with JumpStrat Jams that will help improve your listening skills and get you going on creating some of your own melodies. The ultimate play-along package for the beginning instrumental student.

Product Code: 50/1061H
Publisher: Heritage Music Press
Author: Blair, P.
Amazing Solos Viola and Keyboard

From Bach to Bernstein, a great variety of musical styles is included - folk melodies from England and Peru, baroque and classical 'lollipops', jazz and modern classics.

A unique collection of exciting and varied music for the early grades.

Product Code: ISMN M-060-09415-6
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Author: Harrison, H.
Edmund Rubbra Concerto in A

Arrangement for viola and piano

Product Code: 181281 Alfred
Publisher: Alfred Lengnick & Co.
Author: Rubbra, E.
Bach Concerto in E-flat major

For viola, strings and basso continuo

Reconstructed from BWV 169, 49, 1053

Product Code: ISMN M-006-49945-8
Publisher: Barenreiter
Author: Bach
First Reperoire for Viola

Level ! - 3

Haydn to Humperdinck, show tunes to spirituals - variety is the spice of musical life and the essence of this book. Here, in three books, are over 60 carefully graded elementary pieces, which skilfully explore the viola's unique sonorities and provide a superb introductory literature for the young player.

Product Code: ISBN 0-571-51295-X
Publisher: Faber Music
Author: Wilkinson, M. and Hart, K.
Fun with the Viola

A collection of 47 big-note, easy level-one solos on folk favorites designed nto build technique, range, and endurance while maintaining student interest. Fun to play and serves ideally as a supplement to any method. All of the solos in this text may be played together in ensemble with the Fun with violin, Fun with cello, and Fun with string bass books. 

Product Code: ISBN 978-087166468-6
Publisher: MelBay
Author: Bay, B.
Starters for Viola

17 arrangements and original pieces with piano accompaniment.

Product Code: ISBN 1-85472-369-0
Publisher: Royal Schools
Author: Salter, L.
Brahms Hungarian Dances II & III

For Viola and Piano

Product Code: ISMN 979-0-57708-472-5
Publisher: Edition Peters
Author: Brahms
Ten O'clock Rock
Product Code: ISMN M-06009792-8
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Author: Jones, E. H.
Got the viola possition blues?

Don't feel secure when you have to shift out of first position? Worried about your intonation? Fed up with boring studies? Don't panic - here's the answer. Nine jazzy, original pieces by a leading string teacher and composer, specifically written to be brilliant fun to play, and to help you feel confident in 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions. Excellent for concerts - or just for private practice.

Product Code: ISBN 0-571-51535-5
Publisher: Faber Music
Author: Jones, E. H.
Suite Hebraique by Ernst Bloch

Viola (or Violin) and Piana

  1. Rapsodie
  2. Processional
  3. Affirmation
Product Code: ISBN 0-7935-5188-9
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Author: Bloch, E
The Essential String Method Viola Book 2
  • Further up, further down
  • Longer and shorter
  • Louder and faster
  • Flying bows
  • Left hand adventures
  • Ready for concert
  • Notation of solfa songs
Product Code: ISMN M-060-10508-1
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Author: Nelson, S.
The Essential String Method Viola Book 7
  • Strings and their names
  • Using the bow
  • Sing, swing and play
  • Left-hard fingers
  • Getting your fingers working
  • Moving fingers
  • Notation of solfa tunes
Product Code: ISMN M-060-10507-4
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Author: Nelson, S.
R. Vaughan Williams: Suite for Viola and Orchestra

Arranged for Pianoforte

Product Code: ISBN 0-19-369405-0
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Williams, V.
Three pieces for Viola and Piano

All of this music started life as works for viola and piano trio. They were composed by Paul Coletti, a worldclass musician and part of the Typhoon trio through which these pieces got their origin. 

Product Code: ISBN 978-0-19-386600-3
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Coletti, P.
Position Changing

The position changes in this book are from 1st to 3rd and visa versa and are designed so that students may learn the correct method of shifting from one possition to another. When the various finger changes have been mastered the same technique may be applied to all other position changes in which the left hand moves up or down the neck of the viola.

Product Code: 5-025966564606
Publisher: Oxfort University Press
Author: Mackay, N.